The idea behind the Fortress Farm series started with a simple question...If the world's computers and electrical grid ceased to function today, what would happen next? That led to more questions - what would happen if modern trucks quit running and therefore grocery stores were empty, or if police and firemen had to stay home and protect their own families instead of us, or if there were no way to communicate via phone or internet? What if most of the computer controlled equipment we use to survive no longer functioned? 

There are some fantastic books, both fiction and non-fiction, providing information on how to survive the immediate aftermath of starvation and chaos following that scenario. While Fortress Farm touches on that in the opening chapters, the deeper questions we address are:

  • What happens to the survivors of the collapse? Not the next day but the next year or in the next five years?
  • Can a better system be created to keep a collapse from happening again?
  • Can that better system survive against others that will certainly arise to try and take control for their own benefit?
  • How will generations raised in the new world differ from those that once knew a life controlled by electronics?

This isn't just conspiracy theory, the books are based on fact, testimony and expert speculation. Please join me in exploring the world of Fortress Farm and join the discussion on how to make future communities better in the wake of a Great Reset.


The combination of all six Fortress Farm novels, integrated with Haunt of Jackals and Portion for Foxes... Killswitch Chronicles takes you back to the time before the Great Reset, and winds you through two decades of the rise and fall of fledgling civilizations struggling for control in a world devoid of electricity and computers. 

You had a plan to survive the collapse of civilization.

We have a plan to rebuild it.

Phil Hamilton

First Founder of the Red Hawk Republic